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Want a surefire way to advance in an ever-changing economy? Invest in yourself and earn a degree that qualifies you for higher-paying positions with greater job security. And if you’re not moving forward, then perhaps you should change course entirely and pursue a passion that may have been on the backburner! Regardless of your purpose, Sacred Heart University is ready to be your educational partner in success by offering online degrees at a variety of levels and in some of the nation’s most forward-thinking programs.

Sacred Heart’s flexible, online degrees enable you to balance your personal and professional responsibilities while gaining the skills and insights to create a positive impact for organizations in business, health care, education, and more.

Find A Program, Create A Plan

Learning a single new skill can result in a pay bump of 25-30 percent.4 So when you’re looking to earn an online degree, you need to make sure you’ll not only learn the skills, but also how to use them in the real world. Practical application is an essential part of each program’s curriculum at Sacred Heart University. We focus on educating the whole person through literature, philosophy, religion, sociology, and more. From our signature curriculum – The Human Journey – to the many individual programs that have been accredited by industry-leading organizations, you can rest assured knowing the education you receive here will support your growth and development for years to come.

Online Degrees for Now & What’s Next

We offer a robust suite of online degrees that can help you earn the credentials that bring more reward and more respect.

30 Total Credits; 18 Months; $390 Cost Per Credit

Develop the knowledge required for today’s nursing roles while gaining the personal touch you need to become a better nurse for your patients.

Courses/topics include: Health Assessment for RNs; Leadership in Contemporary Nursing Practice; and Population and Global Health.

Total Credits: 30-120 (undergrad)/24-27 (grad); 3.5 Years; Cost Per Credit: $390 (undergrad)/$695 (grad)

Gain access to top-tier nursing positions – plus save time and money – by earning both degrees at once. Focus on providing exceptional nursing care or branch out into education, research, consulting, and/or management.

Specializations at the MSN level include Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL), Nursing Education, Nursing Management & Executive Leadership, and Family Nurse Practitioner.

36-39 Total Credits; 2 Years; $695 Cost Per Credit

Earn the essential credential for advancing into leadership roles. Explore health care policy and ethics, principles of health care research, and the underlying theories of contemporary nursing.

Specializations include MSN: Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL), MSN: Nursing Education, MSN: Nursing Management & Executive Leadership, and MSN: Family Nurse Practitioner.

39 Total Credits; 3 Years; $995 Cost Per Credit

Earn nursing’s highest credential as you develop the expertise needed for the most advanced leadership and clinical roles.

Courses/topics include: Healthcare Policy, Advocacy & Ethics; Epidemiology & Population Health; and Advanced Care of Special Populations.

60 Credit Hours; 2 Years; $800 Cost Per Credit

Prepare to make a difference in the global mental health community through expertise in counseling.

Topics include human development, counseling theories, assessment techniques, substance use disorders, crisis and trauma, and counselling couples, families, and children.

60 Total Credits; 3.5 Years; $825 Cost Per Credit

Learn to aid vulnerable populations with a deeper understanding of modern social work theory and practice models from a perspective of truth and justice.

Specializations include MSW: Direct Clinical Practice and MSW: Direct Community Practice.

36 Credit Hours; 2 Years; $700 Cost Per Credit

Create true-to-life projects, master digital content creation, and develop a robust portfolio in an environment that simulates a professional agency.

Topics include strategic communications for the digital age and for diverse populations, media ethics, multimedia communication, crisis communications, and more.

Be A Visionary & Work Your Degree

Whether you know exactly where you’re going or have yet to decide on a destination, one thing is clear – Sacred Heart University should be your educational partner. Our suite of nursing programs takes you from initial certification through the highest degree available. The skills learned as part of an online Master of Social Work can be applied to business and clinical settings, and the insight you’ll gain from a Master of Arts in Strategic Communication and Public Relations degree will show you what Mad Men got right – and wrong! The bottom line is that flexibility drives demand, and earning an SHU online degree will communicate to employers that you’re versatile and can handle anything that comes your way.

Top 10 Growth Industries through 2029 (expected job growth)5

  1. Health Care Support Industry (+22.6%)
  2. Social Services Industry (+12.5%)
  3. Computer and Mathematical Industry (+12.1%)
  4. Health Care Practitioners and Technical Industry (+9.1%)
  5. Personal Care and Service Industry (+7.7%)
  6. Food Preparation and Serving Industry (+7.3%)
  7. Business and Financial Operations Industry (+5.3%)
  8. Legal Industry (+5.1%)
  9. Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance Industry (+4.9%)
  10. Management Industry (+4.7)

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